"Nothingness"  |  Lawrence Kwakye


How can I be human?  



I am a traveller escaping reality settings 

A true escape artist emanated from the darkness 

Longing to discover new roads 

Navigated by dimensions not yet seen

It is Between open borders and Isolation 

where I become aware of my existence

The In-Between world is my home

Moving and staying 

Staying and moving

Reconstructing the reality I find myself in

Locked in dependency

Trying to break out

A new skin for the soul to wear

Seeking morality 

True the eyes of others I see myself 

My existence 

My presence 

My environment 

My skin

Imagining the future 

Going elsewhere 

My sight made out of choices

I haven’t been there before 

That is where the magic happens.


BOB & I  [Between open borders and Isolation]    

Performances at Art Rotterdam week Feb 6-9/ 2020    for last updates follow the link below:


Earlier episodes 1-3 were performed during the last 3 weekends of August 2019. Below the promo video by KSENIA ICE VIDEO.

Click on promo video below to watch.

BOB & I | Performances August 2019

Last August Bob & I episode 1, 2, 3 were performed by a team of 4 dancers from Mexico, Colombia, the Netherlands and Japan!



Work Update | jan 2020 | Magic

Magic is a new series of hybrid works. Textile Art based on Imprint mixed with painting and photography. Until now this is the most layered work I have ever done! To see the whole series until now choose paintings (submenu Magic) in the main menu or the link down below.


Glow works

Portrait series Ghana men | January 2019
This is a portrait series of powerful ghanaian men who I met during my trip in my fatherland Ghana in 2018. The portraits are from artist friends and man I just met on the road. The portraits are done in mixed media technique / stencil print on glow in the dark Imprint background. To see the whole series go to link below.

Meet the Mirror man at the world of BOB & I

Photo Works

Work in progress

A new series of photo-collage prints are coming into creation. Here's a sneak peek!


Photo Works

Memory of Light 

A series of photo-collage prints on Hannemuller paper mounted on Dibond. The series of 5 pieces is inspired on the first edition called Memory of Light and is part of the dance Performance Bob & I. For an overview of all the works click on the link below or go to 'photos' in the menu above.



Diasporadical Statements 

A Ghana Residency 2018 project | In this co-creation I have worked with Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) and Damon Davis (US). This creation is based on fashion and the  Afrofuturism theme. Most of the materials of the setting are sourced locally.

Styling, bag & skirt design by Lawrence Kwakye (NL) Make up-art and  signlaguage by Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) Music by Damon Davis (US)



An animation showing the process of making Imprint and the philosophy behind it.


Leaving the Cube