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how can I be human?


I make an effort to visualize the systemic world through my art. Within this world, humanity holds on to its position. The storyline is about how humanity gets lost and struggles because we as humans cannot escape dependency.


This new fall series from 2021 is made on heavy (400gr) high-quality Hahnemülhe paper for more info visit page.

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See the latest photography based experiments with glow in the dark photography and patterns.

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In this series featuring Humanoids, my aim is to delve into the complex ethical and philosophical questions that revolve around the nature of consciousness and the definition of humanity. Through the relationships that humans form with their humanoid counterparts, these questions are explored, and the tensions that arise when the humanoids begin to question their own existence and place in society are highlighted.

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See the latest animation Memory of light inspired by BOB & I. Go to Vimeo link below.


Between open borders and isolation (BOB & I) is a multidisciplinary project where dance meets photography and visual art. A project by Lawrence Kwakye and Fernando Dominguez FDR dance company. Performances were held between 2018-2020. Click below for an overview.

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Art-Up Lille 2021!

An impression of the Booth during Art Up Lille | Grand Palais in June 2021



Monday, January 20, 2020


I am a traveller escaping reality settings

A true escape artist emanated from the darkness

Longing to discover new roads

Navigated by dimensions not yet seen

It is Between open borders and Isolation

where I become aware of my existence

The In-Between world is my home

Moving and staying

Staying and moving

Reconstructing the reality I find myself in

Locked in dependency

Trying to break out

A new skin for the soul to wear

Seeking morality

Through the eyes of others, I see myself

My existence

My presence

My environment

My skin

Imagining the future

Going elsewhere

My sight made out of choices

I haven’t been there before

That is where the magic happens.


A video of the BOB & I performance in February 2019 during Art Rotteramweek. (by Ksenia ICE VIDEO)


A video artwork based on the BOB & I performance in February 2020 during Art Rotteramweek.

Imprint philosophy 

An animation showing the process

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Artist Statement/ BIO

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Diasporadical Statements

Ghana Residency 2018  In this co-creation I have worked with Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) and Damon Davis (US). This creation is based on fashion and the  Afrofuturism theme. Most of the materials of the setting are sourced locally. 

Styling, bag & skirt design by Lawrence Kwakye (NL) Make up art and sign language by Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) Music by Damon Davis (US)