The Me-We project

 an art installation based on the Me-We life vision

The balancing game is founded on the Me-We framework

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Me-We the balancing game

introducing 6 life qualities


Participate in a mesmerizing balancing game. This dynamic activity serves as a conduit for experiencing the six fundamental qualities that underpin a thriving community: Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation, and Tenderness.

Each quality is a piece of the puzzle, and participants engage in a collaborative endeavour to level them. Safety becomes the cornerstone, fostering an environment where exploration and expression are uninhibited. Trust intertwines hearts and minds, creating bonds that transcend boundaries. Understanding deepens as perspectives converge, bridging divides through empathy and insight.

Awareness awakens a sense of responsibility for the world, nurturing a consciousness that extends beyond the self. Relaxation liberates creativity, while Tenderness ties individuals together with threads of compassion, uniting them in a shared human experience.

A Bullseye level stands as the vigilant observer, tracking the equilibrium of these qualities. This living representation of balance reminds us that in harmony, a thriving community emerges. As participants interact with the attributes, the Bullseye level mirrors the delicate dance of life's elements, urging us to continually cultivate and refine these qualities for personal growth and collective well-being.



Above a performance space at the What's Happening Here Gallery in Amsterdam. A site where the Me-We project could be realised with a participating audience. One of the other ideas is to create a dance performance using the Me-We balancing disc.