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I am a traveller escaping reality settings 

A true escape artist emanated from the darkness 

Longing to discover new roads 

Navigated by dimensions not yet seen

It is Between open borders and Isolation 

where I become aware of my existence

The In-Between world is my home

Moving and staying 

Staying and moving

Reconstructing the reality I find myself in

Locked in dependency

Trying to break out

A new skin for the soul to wear

Seeking morality 

Through the eyes of others I see myself 

My existence 

My presence 

My environment 

My skin

Imagining the future 

Going elsewhere 

My sight made out of choices

I haven’t been there before 

That is where the magic happens.


Statements by Lawrence Kwakye | 2023

I make an effort to visualize the systemic world through my art. Within this world, humanity holds on to its position. The storyline is about how humanity gets lost and struggles because we as humans cannot escape dependency.

 Lawrence 2022

What does it truly mean to embody humanity?

Have my endeavours towards self-actualization inadvertently distanced me from my own humanity? If our existence is now confined to mere cogs in an expansive, unfeeling machinery, then perhaps I have.

In this realm of human construction, where quantifiability and control reign supreme, there appears to be no space for the capriciousness and vulnerability inherent in our kind. It’s hardly surprising that the roles we once occupied are swiftly being claimed by machines and computers. What’s even more perplexing is our tendency to attribute life to these mechanisms, when in my view, they should serve as enablers of life. Is our species forsaken, destined to be replaced by artificial intelligence alone? The ideology of transhumanism further complicates matters. Our bodies, deemed insufficient and ephemeral, are to be discarded – a mere chrysalis to be shed. But what befalls our sense of self-worth, cultivated through ages past? Does purpose still hold meaning?

The reality we find ourselves in today might offer divergent meanings from those of yesteryears, yet who bears the weight of this predicament? Most of us have been so profoundly moulded by the currents of this contemporary (synthetic) actuality that we scarcely recognize our divergence from the path of meaning. Could this silent shift in significance be the cause of our growing struggle with uncertainty and unpredictability, as our sense of identity blurs?

For someone of my generation, contemplating these notions is disconcerting, yet it’s paradoxically become my wellspring of inspiration. One might even argue that it nurtures moments of creativity, for diminishing certainty unlocks the portals to uncharted realms. Within these realms lies the sphere of non-human wisdom. Accepting ourselves as players in an expansive system, the totality of which remains hidden, though our role within this intricate ecosystem is palpable, offers solace and perspective. That perspective reiterates our humanity and the imperative to safeguard our existence as we venture into the morrow.

A Personal Alignment

In my capacity as both designer and artist, I delve into the ways in which individuals can realign themselves within the labyrinthine construct of reality. This could necessitate the formulation of novel survival strategies. A reimagining of reality that resets our essence, reconnecting us with our innate humanity and its cosmic context.

In my artistic journey, I explore fresh existential paradigms, occasionally navigating realms detached from societal norms – an interstitial domain. This is a realm both within and beyond, ubiquitous yet intangible. Here, I withdraw, enabling the exploration of diverse modes of existence; a liberation of sorts. I’ve named this domain the “In-Between,” succinctly expressed as Between open borders and isolation (BOB & I) – denoting the juncture between boundless exploration and introspective solitude. This term also encapsulates my hybrid, multifaceted endeavour, a project interweaving distinct art forms into a cohesive universe that unfurls gradually.

Embodiment in Art

My artistic creations bear the hallmark of layered complexity, a dance between the tangible and the abstract. Textiles, often fragments of jute or cotton, sometimes aglow, form the tapestry of my compositions. Through a process I’ve coined “Imprint,” I’ve evolved a unique method to meld these materials, sometimes accompanied by paints.

Photography, a vital medium, seamlessly intertwines with my artwork, fusing with painting and my Imprint technique to birth something new and enthralling.

Lawrence Kwakye at Art up Lile | 2021

 Redefining Boundaries in Art and Design

Lawrence Kwakye, born in 1972 in Utrecht, is an exceptional artist and designer who has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and expression. Raised in the culturally vibrant Netherlands, with a Ghanaian father and Hungarian mother, Lawrence's diverse background and innate curiosity have shaped his extraordinary artistic vision.

At just thirteen years old, Lawrence discovered his passion for art and embarked on a lifelong journey of exploration and innovation. His early talent caught the attention of renowned writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer, who hailed him as an "undeniable talent," drawing comparisons to the enigmatic protagonist of Albert Camus' 'The Stranger.' This early acclaim fueled Lawrence's pursuit of artistic excellence.

After secondary education, Lawrence pursued studies at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven, where he developed a unique artistic voice under the mentorship of Lidewij Edelkoort. Seamlessly merging functionality and conceptual depth, Lawrence's work showcased his extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to both design and painting.

In 2010, driven by a desire for personal growth, Lawrence transitioned from a successful design career to becoming an independent artist. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a transformative phase, propelling him toward new horizons of creative expression and gaining recognition.

Lawrence Kwakye's art reflects his multicultural heritage, characterised by a profound sense of aesthetics and a commitment to technical innovation. His work embodies fascination with transition and the ever-changing nature of existence, inviting viewers to question their perceptions and explore deeper meanings. With their initial impact and thought-provoking layers, his pieces captivate and challenge observers, showcasing Lawrence's ability to create harmonious compositions.

Today, Lawrence Kwakye is an inspirational figure within the artistic community, constantly pushing boundaries and defying expectations. His evolving work captivates global audiences, inviting us all to embrace the transformative power of art and reimagine the world through his extraordinary Me-We-World vision. Lawrence Kwakye reshapes our understanding of the human experience, proving that artistic exploration knows no limits.


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