Between open Borders & Isolation (Bob & I)

A story told true Art and Dance | starring: Lawrence Kwakye [Art], Fernando Dominguez & Xavier Hernandez [Dance]

BOB & I | Storyboard 2020

To see the storyboard of BOB & I with an introduction of the characters and an explanation of the symbolism used.


About Bob & I

Between open borders and Isolation (Bob & I) is an art collective founded in 2017 by designer and artist Lawrence Kwakye and dancer-choreographer Fernando Dominguez (FDR Dance Company) During the period between February 2019 and February 2020 some performances were developed by FDR Dance Company based on the glow in the dark installation designed by Lawrence Kwakye.


Promo videos 2017-2019

Proposal for festival

Some renderings made in 2019 for a modular stage design.

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