I like to create portals so people can switch dimensions and make new connections 

Lawrence Kwakye

Dance Performance

BOB & I  [Between open borders and Isolation]    

UPDATE August 2019 | Two new episodes Lightness of Being and Mixed messages

All episodes 1-3 were performed during the last 3 weekends of August 2019. Below the latest video / trigger by KSENIA ICE VIDEO.

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BOB & I | Performances August 2019

Last August Bob & I episode 1, 2, 3 were performed by a team of 4 dancers from Mexico, Colombia, the Netherlands and Japan!




Have your own BoB & I experience!  Being human you need your freedom ‘open borders’ But you also need ‘Isolation’ to see who you are and where you are going. Identity Is to be meaningful and startst with being recognized.
Bob & I In other words: “To live within restrictions and freedom”


A Cube for the mind.
As a designer and artist I created a portal between different worlds trough which people can move from one world to the other and can make transition happen. Movement makes the mind free and open to new ideas. I think we need living rooms for the mind because there is no room for the human mind anymore these days. By creating a cube for the mind I try to give humans space ‘to be’.  There is a landscape inside where your soul can be recognised. The landscape of Imprint. I want to invite people to enter the cube and have an experience of their own.

Lawrence Kwakye | 19.02.2019

Painting the Elements

Just finished a small series based on the 4 elements Earth, Air, Water & Fire and inspired by the performance "Memory of Light" episode 1 of Bob & I.

Painting Portals

At the moment I am working on a new series of paintings based on the principle of openess, transparancy and isolation. Figurative v.s. abstract and I want to explore different dimensions of perception. 

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Glow works

Portrait series Ghana men | January 2019
This is a portrait series of powerful ghanaian men who I met during my trip in my fatherland Ghana in 2018. The portraits are from artist friends and man I just met on the road. The portraits are done in mixed media technique / stencil print on glow in the dark Imprint background. To see the whole series go to link below.


A brand new series of photo-collage prints on Hannemuller paper mounted on Dibond. The series of 5 pieces is inspired on the first edition called Memory of Light and is part of the dance Performance Bob & I. The works can be seen at #Open ArtExchange in Schiedam during the Back to Human exhibit till May 5 th.

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Diasporadical Statements 

A Ghana Residency 2018 project | In this co-creation I have worked with Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) and Damon Davis (US). This creation is based on fashion and the  Afrofuturism theme. Most of the materials of the setting are sourced locally.

Styling, bag & skirt design by Lawrence Kwakye (NL) Make up-art and  signlaguage by Gerald Nsakie (Ghana) Music by Damon Davis (US)